If you are looking for high-speed and instant online delivery services for your home and business, you have come to the right place! Deleezy offers the most affordable, reliable, and convenient same-day last-mile delivery services for everyday items. Our professional and fast delivery services make you forget all your delivery woes and turn your life into a breeze!

High-speed delivery is easy with Deleezy. With the all-new Deleezy App, you're just 4 clicks away from sending or receiving your package in just 3 hours! Just select the pick-up and drop-off address, or add up to 3 pick-up addresses, and experience speedy, hassle-free, and automated app deliveries anytime.

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Deleezy is transforming the online delivery scenario like never before! With our contactless delivery services, you can easily have essentials dropped safely and securely right at your doorstep. It is Deleezy’s USP that it not only makes your daily chores easy, but it effectively provides to-and-fro delivery services for everyday items from ANYWHERE and ANYPLACE that you can imagine - home, offices, schools, hospitals, airports, departmental stores, pharmacies, groceries, corner stores, book shops, gift shops - you just name it! Here’s how we do it...

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Deleezy customers enjoy speedy, hassle-free, and affordable delivery services from Store-to-Door and Door-to-Door. This means that you can get doorstep delivery of groceries, medicines, pet food, flowers, garden items, and other daily essentials from any small or big store of your liking. Alternatively, you can also get items delivered between any two addresses such as your home & office or your home & your friend’s home. You can even sign-up to become a Deleezy driver to earn extra cash whenever convenient for you if you have free space in your car and extra time at hand.


We help our drivers in delivering a great customer experience! Deelezy’s mission is to support and improve the lives of our growing team of drivers and business partners by providing them an opportunity of flexible working hours and an additional source of income, whenever convenient for them. We also ensure proper safety and sanitization for our workers and make it mandatory for them to wear masks on duty.

Drivers can sign-up to become a Deleezy delivery service provider and work anytime and anywhere, earning as much as they want. With the Deleezy Driver App, drivers can schedule and view their work shifts as and when they like, or book shifts up to 1 week in advance. Drivers also receive 100% of the tips through this app!

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Never miss out on a sale because of delivery! Deleezy offers professional and reliable delivery services straight from your store to your customer's doorstep. Now you can run your business without any interruptions and focus your energy at the right place, while we help you with instant, on-demand, and low-cost logistic services.

We enable your business to thrive with professional, reliable, and inexpensive doorstep delivery services so that you don't have to incur huge costs for your company. Deleezy also offers inter-store transfer for re-stocking store inventories at prices affordable than traditional deliveries.

So, whether you are a small business, retail store, corner store, factory, or large enterprise, Deleezy will help you with instant vehicles and drivers for your business anytime, or even for last-minute emergencies!

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