When you’re looking for delivery near me, the only name you need to know is Deleezy! Deleezy is a tech-enabled delivery company based in British Columbia, Canada, which offers hassle-free, speedy, and affordable pick-up & drop-off service for everyday items from your home or business… all at a click of a button!

Your satisfaction and happiness are our prime concern and promise. We work relentlessly to provide you with the fastest, most affordable, and reliable delivery services. We run to-and-fro errands for you so that you get more time to do what you love! Your ultimate delivery partner - Deleezy - is here to cater to all the logistical needs of your home and business.

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Deleezy is the one-stop solution for all your delivery needs! All you need to do is select the pick-up & drop-off location on the Deleezy App and we will deliver your items in a fast and responsible manner. You can choose from three delivery options for Door-to-Door, Store-to-Door, and Store-to-Store delivery services. Forget all your worries while we do the hard work for you to offer you cashless, on-demand, and speedy deliveries. Sit back, relax, and enjoy professional technology-driven delivery services!

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Traditional deliveries have an unpredictable delivery window of as long as 3-5 days. Deleezy’s cutting-edge technology slashes this to just a 3-hour delivery time! Such high-speed delivery has humongous benefits for users who can enjoy the delivery of urgent items such as groceries and medicines right at their doorstep.

Apart from an accurate delivery window for urgent items, Deleezy also offers same-day, next day, and scheduled delivery options. You can plan for deliveries in advance and also enjoy the flexibility to reschedule deliveries or make changes to the pick-up or drop-off location by contacting customer support.

Count on us for contactless and safe deliveries. We ensure our drivers follow proper masking and sanitization and handle all your delivery needs while you stay home & stay safe during Covid-19.


With a change in expectations, more and more businesses & individuals see the value of investing in technology-enabled, last-mile delivery service providers. Deleezy works similarly through an exclusive Android and iOS app that provides on-demand and cashless delivery services at your fingertips.

Automation is the future and Deleezy is a step ahead. We have completely reduced the need for invoices, manual documentation, or visiting your local provider for sending or receiving a parcel. With the Deleezy App, you get to experience easy-breezy deliveries for your home and business, at just a click of a button.

No more heavy-lifting or wasting time, instant deliveries of everyday items become super-easy and convenient. Download the Deleezy App today!


Deliveries for Home & Office

We deliver anniversary gifts, flowers, files or hard drives with sensitive information, the lunchbox that your child forgot to school, homemade pasta to your friend, CDs/ documents/ parcels, or even your science project to college!


Deliveries from Store to Home

We deliver menial items from large and even small corner stores such as books, flowers, medicines, cosmetics, groceries, pet food, and other daily essentials, right at your doorstep and just within 3 hours.


Deliveries for Your Business

Enjoy peace of mind with Deleezy’s instant, on-demand logistics services to run your business with no interruptions. With the help of our technology, you can access instant delivery solutions at affordable prices for all your planned deliveries and last-minute emergencies.

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